Blaster Cop Steam Achievements

Blaster Cop on Steam now has 20 achievements!

Here is the list:
Beat the game

Blaster Cop
Beat the game on hard mode

Super Blaster Cop
Beat the game using only blasters

Business suit
Find an experimental battle suit

No tips for that?
Find all 8 weapons

Collateral damage
Destroy 225 insignificant objects

Why you little!..
Piss off the scientist lady

Police brutality
Neutralize 500 enemies

Hit an enemy from maximum shotgun range

Hi, Score!
Get 1000 points in Youreality 3D

Secret agenda
Meet corporate agents at the end

Meet police officers at the end

No escape
Got captured at the end

Bounce off the fance ten times in a row

Let’s dance
Neutralize one of companion girls, while other one is undamaged

So fragile
Destroy one of guardian bots, while shield isn’t switched between them for first time

Don’t shoot your foot
Make Callisto mecha damage itself

Path of the Warrior
Fight with Shadow using energy sword only

No votes for you
Beat last boss battle, don’t destroy any gunbots

Waste of time
Hit invulnerable turrets with every weapon


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