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Description - The protagonist worked for five years as an agent for the powerful company Apparatus Technology. It was decided to eliminate him, for the fact that he didn't support the views of the company. What is more important, personal revenge, or taking the company to expose? Alex, the protagonist, is striking back and raiding the important facilities of the company.

The player can fight himself, or call out an assault droid, a heal bot, and a stationary turret. During the game the upgrades are opened, player chooses what to improve: droid, bot, turret or his suit. You can completely enhance just one thing, or you can try on different levels to choose different upgrades for unusual and interesting gaming experience.
Made with Game Maker.
Keyboard (can be changed) - WASD-move, J-fire, K-jump, Q-droid, E-bot, F-turret, Space-medkits;
Gamepad - Pad-move, X-fire, A-jump, LB-droid, RB-bot, RT-turret, Y-medkits.


Tier 1
ASSAULT DROID - Decrease recharge time
HEAL BOT - Decrease recharge time
TURRET - Decrease recharge time
SUIT - Longer range

Tier 2
ASSAULT DROID - Increase attack power
HEAL BOT - Improve healing
TURRET - Increase attack power
SUIT - Increase attack power

Tier 3
ASSAULT DROID - Increase duration
HEAL BOT - Increase duration
TURRET - Increase duration
SUIT - Reinforce armor

Tier 4
ASSAULT DROID - More hp, explosive attack
HEAL BOT - Transfer pain, hp pool refill
TURRET - More hp, more usability
SUIT - Berserk mode at low hp


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