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Archtower is an action/rpg roguelite, most of rpg elements are gonna be added later in development.


There is a great Tower in the world of the game. It is always been there. Primitive community of people, organized in family clans, are trying to get into it. You are playing for one of those families. Who knows what will next offspring of your clan find there, a fame, some treasures, or just a painful death.


Every time you die you pick a new character from roster with randomly choosen classes. Here are currently available classes:

Uses swords mostly, fast and strong. Resource - Power, replenishes when you defeat your enemies.

Skill - Charge, fast movement forward, can be used to run away, ethier can be paired with a sword attack for offence, that will cost you PP (power points).
Passive - 5% faster attack speed.

Can use sticks, it is slow steady blow, helpful when you are forced to engage in melee combat. Resource - Stamina, replenishes fast, but limited pool size.
Skill - Throwing rock, fast and powerful ranged attack, it can headshot humanoids with increased damage, even player itself, be careful, but if you won't hit humanoid in the head, it will deal little damage if not upgraged.
Passive - 5% more accuracy.

Can use sticks, it is slow steady blow, helpful when you are forced to engage in melee combat. Resource - Energy, replenishes slowly in battle, and x6 outside of combat.
Skill - Flaming vial, ranged damage over time attack, enemies burn for a few ticks.
Passive - 5% more energy damage.

Can use sticks, it is slow steady blow, helpful when you are forced to engage in melee combat. Resource - Stamina, replenishes fast, but limited pool size.
Skill - Poison vial, ranged damage over time attack, enemies slowly loss a lot of their health points.
Passive - 15% poison resistance, reduces duration for Poisons and Toxins that affect a player.



WASD + mouse - movement;
Space - jump;
LMB - primary attack;
RMB - secondary attack;
Q - base skill;
E - talk to npc, pick up items;
C - weapon swap;
I - open inventory;
F - heal potion;
Z - drink resource potion (if talanted);
Tab - switch first/third-person mode;
M - minimap;


LMB - drag items;
RMB - use/equip;
Shift - compare equip with worn items, see second weapon stats;
Shift+RMB - equip to extra slot;
Z - drop from inventary;
Shift+Z - drop one item;


RMB - buy/sell;
Shift+RMB - buy/sell one item;


PageUp - turn on/off FPS count;
Shift + Num+ - increase scale;
Shift + Num- - decrease scale;
Scrolling - change size of minimap (if showed);
Cntrl+Scrolling - change transparacy of minimap;


Cntrl+Alt+F1 - turn on/off low-rez fix, use it if you turned low-rez settings on and GUI draws incorrectly (off screen, either too small in left upper corner);
Cntrl+Alt+F2 - turn on/off fast fps fix, use it if game runs with double speed to reduce it to half speed, v-sync must be turned on to have any effect.

Xbox 360 controller is supported (mostly)


144Hz monitors may run game with dramatically increased speed, when it happens you can try turning on/off v-sync in options, or going into windowed fullscreen mode by pressing alt+enter, and altTabbing could work sometime too; also you can try to use fastfps fix - see Controls (Fixes).

Some machines may have problems when using low-rez mode, so you can set low-rez fix on/off - see Controls (Fixes).


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neat idea! i really loved it!

but i recommend you to base your movements on computer time instead of frame rate because most of the time everything moved slow and suddenly very fast for a few seconds and then slow again.

anyway keep it up! i'm greatly inspired by your work!


Nice game that is put together really well. Enjoy watching for new updates, keep it up! Might be a good idea to enable vsync by default, though. I was running at 240fps (and moving insanely fast!) until I toggled it on.

Hey, thanks, it's a good idea!


Great game! I'd love to see more :)


this is elder scroll 0 before the graphic


Love this game please continue it love to see a sequel :)


I'm very impressed with Archtower. It's been put together really well. I liked how you have enabled the mouse to pan around in this 2d pixel environment and I had great fun playing Archtower. The graphics and the audio track add to the nice atmospherics of the game . The controls work really well and overall the mechanics are pretty good.

Overall, I think it has a lot of potential so I will keep on eye on Archtowers development

Great work DEVS



This has potential, waiting for updates. :)