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Archtower is a nonstandard mix of Roguelite and Action RPG.

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There is a great Tower in this world. It has always been there. A primitive community of people, organized in family clans, are trying to get into it. You are playing for one of those families. Who knows what the offspring of your clan will find there next: fame, treasures, or just a painful death.


  • Unique generated characters
  • 4 basic classes, the rest will be unlocked over time
  • System of innate Traits and acquired Perks for your adventurers
  • Meta-progression: Clan improving, Clan's Domain rebuilding, Tower Upgrades
  • Loot system similar to classic ARPGs, but with its nuances
  • Power Crystals, that grant you active skills, improve your heroes with them
  • Complete Quests, meet new Factions, increase your reputation with them, get bonuses
  • Hardcore, the game isn't too difficult, but fast, you delay in combat - you fall
  • Permadeath and drop of belongings, but the game gives chances to avoid this
  • Traumas and Injuries system, if the hero loses often; Traumas can be healed, Injuries can't
  • Explore the Tower, meet new friends and foes, uncover the secrets of this place
  • Unlock New Content gradually: Classes, Weapons, Armour and Power Crystals
  • Play as you like, with a 1st-person or a 3rd-person camera, for the purposes you need

Develop your character

Choose your hero from the list of generated adventurers. Choose wisely, because, in addition to choosing a class, certain traits and stat spreading can significantly affect your playing experience. Increase its characteristics, level up, choose upgrades and perks. Pick the right equipment for your builds.

Develop your clan

Raise the family clan level by getting Fame (complete quests, explore the Tower). For clan level-ups, get small clan bonuses, which will gradually add up to a good boost for all your characters. Send your old characters to the well-deserved retirement, thereby earning additional clan Fame. Take back the lost clan lands and start building them up, taking various bonuses from buildings. For example, the Tavern allows you to have several characters at the same time.

Explore the mysterious Tower

Unlock and explore new floors, along with new classes and upgrades. Buy Tower upgrades from the enigmatic Attendant. Discover and explore secret places, find powerful gear for your characters, fight new enemies.

Complete quests and find unexpected allies

Do the quests, those that wait for your help can be found both in your home camp and in a strange mysterious Tower. Get Fame for your clan for this. Unlock new skills for your characters and improve relationships with your allies by doing class and faction quests.

Use skills of power crystals

Retrieve incomprehensible power crystals that gain you new active skills. Use these skills to diversify your gaming experience and cover the weak spots of your characters.

Try not to die

Preserve your heroes, don't forget to heal in time, buy and use bandages when low on health. If your character dies, then it is permanent, and its loot and equipment will stay in the Tower.

And don't despair after defeat

With time, you'll learn how to minimize harm from the death of characters and the loss of gear. You'll unlock upgrades that allow you to pick up the dropped loot of your predecessors. And defeat doesn't always mean the death of the character, you'll have your chances to survive and escape, but this will lead to the chance of getting traumas, or even injuries. If you have a Hospital, there you can heal your traumas if they weren't left to a serious condition.

Try new classes and builds and you'll achieve great results!

Known bugs

  • If you have shader related fatal error on starting up, in most cases it means that you need to install 'DirectX 9.0c' manually.
  • Laptops usually have performance troubles with the game, especially gaming laptops with geforce, as it launches on integrated videocard by default, you'll need to change it in geforce program manually.

Updated 14 hours ago
StatusIn development
Release date Sep 22, 2018
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsAction RPG, Classes, Dark, Dungeon Crawler, Exploration, GameMaker, Mystery, Roguelike, Roguelite
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls, Interactive tutorial


Archtower v0.4.2.0b demo.zip 57 MB

Install instructions

If you have shader related fatal error on starting up, in most cases it means that you need to install 'DirectX 9.0c' manually.

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Is there an option to change the window size?

You can change GUI scale pressing Num+ and Num- (you also can remap theese in control settings)

Buenas, tengo problema con la misión Humanitaria Aid xd no encuentro el NPC al que reclamar la recompensa

Hey! If you have all needed quest items (check that in the Quest Log (press L)), then you need to go to their leader Agal, he is at the end of 2-3. Gobloid at the start of 2-1 can short cut your way to their base.

Gracias encontré la solución, ahora estoy teniendo problemas con la misión "Ambulence", no se completar el objetivo


I love this game so much but I ran into a bug where I have to kill 12 bandits in the bandit mine but there are only 11 and the counter resets when I exit so it's an impossible quest, otherwise, amazing feel, good difficulty, love all the fun combinations of things you can do in this game!

Hey, thank you for playing! :)
As for bandits it is not a bug, you need to use chain lever near one of the gates to open way to that one guy. (it is north-west)


This is the best game I've played in demo day, and it might be the most immediately charming game I've played in a while. I certainly felt compelled to come back, and at the point my first character died I had:

  • Learned that I liked two weapons more than I liked shields, but totally saw the viability of shields and enjoyed the 3 floors I spent using them
  • Made a couple of characters that felt all my own in spite of relatively similar "newcomer" characters. Baller.
  • Figured out that jumping over fire walls and using a fire wall of my own felt incredible
  • Figured how satisfying it was to destroy multiple barrels at once using the fire wall spell
  • Found the "NEW LEVEL X" level up text charming - I don't know if this is deliberately oddly worded over 'LEVEL UP' or similar, but I loved this
  • Got excited every time I saw a treasure chest, or weapons rack
  • Found that equipping two swords and doing sick combos felt great

Honestly, this is a fantastic, pacy game and I can't wait to play more of it. The fact that armour etc changed my sprite, switching between 1st and 3rd person, the fact that the 3rd person camera was over-the-shoulder rather than awkwardly centered still letting me aim: Everything about the game feels tight, well-designed and just really great.

Personal highlight: Movement feels so slick - it's almost boomer-shooter-y. Like Hexen, if it played more like DOOM.

I'm gonna be following this project with huge interest! My only feedback is that the game really feels like it improves once the enemy variety gets higher - bats and fire cultists being the only enemies on levels 1-3 is understandable as an onboarding measure, but maybe something like a slime on the bat-only level 1 might feel good? Just as a touch of early variety.

Hello! I need help with the game, I made a big mistake and now the interface is so small that I cannot see it, what do I do?

Hello! You can change UI scale pressing Num+ and Num-, also you can change those keybinds in control settings. If that won't help let me know.

Apparently the Num + key on the keyboard doesn't work, isn't there a way to permanently delete the game and then download it again?

(and sorry for the inconvenience ;w;)

You need to just delete "conf.ini" file then, it is located here: "C:/users/username/AppData/locale/Archtower"

Or if you can see text you can go to audio/video settings and change lowrez option, that will autoscale your UI again.


Hey cool game you got there! I use GM 1.4 too. Did you use a pre-built 3D engine or make it yourself?

It's all standard 3D of GMS.

You should sell the source code. Not the code to your game but to a little demo project showing you how to do it. I'd buy it for my students :)


Hm, I'll think about it, maybe I'll do this when all systems I need will be finished :)


Hey you'd sell at least one copy :)


Please let us try out the code to learn from, or sell it for a fair price :)


Hi! I want to play this but I'm getting an error trying to start it : 

action number 1
of PreCreate Event
for object o_inventory: Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [0,5] out of range [1,5] - -5.gama(100054,5)
at gml_Script_gml_game_save
stack frame is
gml_Script_gml_game_save (line -1)
(1 edit)

Hey, thank you for letting me know! I uploaded a new fixed version

Thanks! I'll try again.


neat idea! i really loved it!

but i recommend you to base your movements on computer time instead of frame rate because most of the time everything moved slow and suddenly very fast for a few seconds and then slow again.

anyway keep it up! i'm greatly inspired by your work!


Nice game that is put together really well. Enjoy watching for new updates, keep it up! Might be a good idea to enable vsync by default, though. I was running at 240fps (and moving insanely fast!) until I toggled it on.

Hey, thanks, it's a good idea!


Great game! I'd love to see more :)


this is elder scroll 0 before the graphic


Love this game please continue it love to see a sequel :)


I'm very impressed with Archtower. It's been put together really well. I liked how you have enabled the mouse to pan around in this 2d pixel environment and I had great fun playing Archtower. The graphics and the audio track add to the nice atmospherics of the game . The controls work really well and overall the mechanics are pretty good.

Overall, I think it has a lot of potential so I will keep on eye on Archtowers development

Great work DEVS



This has potential, waiting for updates. :)